Weekly Reflection (2nd September 2016)


Weekly Reflection (2nd September 2016)


Dear Families,

At the request of families for more information, and as a means of consolidating the week, we will be sending out a weekly reflection every Friday to wrap up the week.

Our Father’s Day artworks

  • Children have been working throughout the past two weeks on their gift for their Dad or other special person in their life. Their works are wonderful and great care taken. Children have shared insights about their Dads with educators and peers, so we feel we know all our Dads and special people a little better.
  • Amazing artworks created – children were able to be artists in our atelier area. Using Miss Sue’s art easel and artist paints have allowed children to use special equipment and resources to enhance their learning.
  • To all our Dads and special people, we wish you wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday!

Documentaries on our screen

  • Children interests and knowledge has been extended through the introduction of documentaries about animals as a research tool. There have been a number of interests in big cats; dangerous animals and sea animals. Teachers watch the documentary with the children and offer further commentary to support the children’s understanding.
  • Literacy in early childhood includes many modes. Our teachers are trained in using multi literacies to support children’s learning. Multi literacies include: books, writing, visuals, Information and communication technologies (ICT) – which include digital media, computer, tablets and smart screens.

Brain development

We have started talking with children about our amazing brains – children’s brains grow and develop over the first seven years of life. Early childhood learning provides wonderful opportunities to maximise brain development through children participating and engaging in a wide range of experiences which include creative and social experiences. Creative and social experiences through play have been shown in research to increase the development of neurons and pathways within the child’s brain. That is why positive social play is so important for young children. Children are natural creatives and this serves the purpose of building brain power in young children. We will be continuing to talk with children the importance of building healthy brains throughout the coming weeks.


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