Weekly Reflection (9th September 2016)

Weekly Reflection (9th September 2016)


Dear Families,


What a lovely welcome to spring!  The weather has been beautiful and allowed wonderful sharing of ideas outside.  Children have been watering and inspecting progress in our vege patch, lettuce and snow peas were picked and added to our lunch vegetable selection.


Our dental visits were engaging and informative.  Ashley, from Smile Dental visited on Monday and Thursday and presented a short lesson on visiting the dentist, and most importantly, how we can keep our teeth healthy through the food we eat and healthy drinks and by brushing our teeth and tongue twice a day.  Remember healthy foods all the time and sometimes food only as treats!! Drink lots of water and milk is good for our teeth too!


We have been continuing with our interests in wild animal and this has been reflected in our artworks this week as well as our group time stories.  We have learnt more about our incredible brains this week as well.  Tuesday children learnt how the neural connections in our brains can become stronger through practicing new skills.  This was modelled through children learning a new song (I’m a little Neuron ) until they knew the words.


Children have been enjoying news time and this has been a great opportunity for children to build on their confidence and speaking in front of a group.  We will be continuing this in term 4.


A few reminders:

  • Please pack a wide brimmed hat for your child to wear outside, essential in the warmer months.
  • Please label all of your child’s belongings, we like to be able to reunite these with you.
  • Keep your child’s toys at home where they are safe. Bring along an item of craft, a photo or a book for news and place it in our news time basket on top of the lockers.



From the Kings Road Long Day Preschool Team

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