Weekly Reflection (16th September 2016)

Weekly Reflection (16th September 2016)


Dear Families,


We have had a fantastic week at Preschool.  Our festival week has had children learning about festivals from around the world – Cherry Blossom Festival, Diwali – the Festival of Light, Chinese Festivals and the Orange Blossom Festival that will be on this weekend at Castle Hill.


Children worked to create decorations for our Preschool.  Thank you to Miss Namita for sharing her Diwali festival with us.


We continue to explore our wonderful brain with glitter in liquid representing our thought process.  When it is shaken that is our thoughts when we are very busy and active; when we slow down and settle, our thoughts settle and become more focused – just like the glitter settling to the bottom of the jar all together.   We have had some wonderful feedback from our families about brain development in young children and how we are explaining this to our Preschool children.  Children are really engaged in these learning experiences.


Children have been engaged in many learning opportunities through our STEM activities – our science experience show children how chemical reactions occur – they are learning what bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can do – building erupting volcanos and blowing up balloons!!


Play is so important for our children.  During the week we have introduced structured play opportunities outside after lunch.  Children are able to participate in story time, table top games, group floor puzzles and sand play.  Children are engaged and are learning about new resources that are provided for them.  During play children investigate and explore how resources work, what they look like and how to manipulate these, they learn if they need help to complete this and will ask for educator support.  Once they become more proficient, they are able to use the resources with increased skill and are able to show others how to use it.  Why is play so important, you may ask?  Click on this link to find out:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wxudfe8w54nxoq/20160916_Why%20is%20play%20important.pdf?dl=0


Miss Indi will be back on Monday after her two week practicum.   School holidays are coming up.  Our news time will remain as per our roster during the school holidays, as we feel this is working well for the children in this format.


From the Kings Road Long Day Preschool Team

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