Weekly Wrap (7th October 2016)


Weekly Wrap (7th October 2016)

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Dear Families,


We’ve had very beautiful, warm weather during the second week of the school holidays. Teachers have had multiple opportunities to have in-depth, informal conversations with children about their home experiences, holidays and important events.


We are all getting used to the new summer routine this week.  Children have been able to make the best of the lovely, warm weather by starting their day outside and engaging with a variety of play-based learning experiences.  Since the school holiday routine is less structured, there have been many opportunities for children to engage with sustained, focused play. Educators have been able to extend on children’s learning through both spontaneous as well as planned experiences by adding additional resources, taking discussions further through reflecting, researching, questioning; and providing hands-on fun experiences to test and hypothesise our knowledge.


Another gentle reminder to be sun safe with warm weather approaching very quickly.  Please remember to apply sunscreen on your children as well as bring their sun-safe hat to Preschool.


Although a bit relaxed and informal, yet our busy week was packed with fun, engaging and in-depth learning:

  • Following on from a children’s interest in making machines during their imaginary play, we introduced children to the idea of what simple machines actually are – things that make any job easier and that these simple machines are all around us. To extend on children’s understanding, we offered a hands-on experience where many children made their own individual catapults (from the group of levers).


Download the full Weekly Wrap in PDF


From the Kings Road Long Day Preschool Team

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