Weekly Wrap (28th October 2016)

Weekly Wrap (28th October 2016)

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Dear Families,


Another week comes to an end.  The days are moving past so quickly with the children engaged in many learning experiences.  This week we focused on machines and friendships.


Machines as children have been interested in different ways of making and doing things.  Friendships as these are important to developing social and emotional competence in the early years: https://www.kidsmatter.edu.au/sites/default/files/public/KMC2-201205-02_friendships.pdf


Building inquiring minds!!



We have been looking at different machines through the week.  Teachers have been resourcing children’s learning and understandings through different items and through experimentation of cause and effect.  Our learners have made predictions and hypothesised outcomes and made adjustments if their outcomes have not been reached and extended on their understanding of how machines in their world works.


This week also looked at innovations and how ideas create the need to invent, renew and refine.  We looked at this through an old camera provided by our teacher to our present day digital camera.  We also posed “big questions”.  What would happen if we didn’t have electricity?  Children thought and recalled a time when they had a blackout and no electricity and that things around the home could not work and the lights do not turn on.


Another question was:  what would we do if we did not have any machines?  Children thought and decided that we might need to make things, work together, or just would not be able to do some things.  Others thought you could just go to the shop and buy some things.  Interesting how little minds work.  We encourage creative thinking and problem solving.  Our pre-schoolers will be the inventors, creators, teachers and leaders of the future – what better time to grow their curiosity and imagination through hands on learning experiences.


Download the full Weekly Wrap in PDF

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