Weekly Wrap (11th November 2016)

Weekly Wrap (11th November 2016)

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Dear Families,


Another week slips past and we are still just as busy.  Children are enjoying the beautiful days outside in nature.  We have had a few children interested in finding insects.  We have been visited by a few dragon flies this week and children have observed before releasing these.


We also took Arky, our bearded dragon out of his enclosure for some fresh air and sunshine.  Our children really liked to see him move unobstructed in our large balance ring.  He is very fast and Miss Sue needed to watch him closely so he didn’t run away.


This week has had our Preschoolers do some more cooking.  We are becoming more and more skilled and knowledgeable with mixing and understanding the different ingredients.


We have also introduced CD story relaxation; the children rest/relax on the floor and listen to a told story.  There is no book so children need to use their imagination to visualise the story.  This is a lovely experience in the afternoon, when children sometimes need some quiet time.


Our artwork this week reflected cityscapes – some wonderful work were created by the children.  We used mixed media throughout the week.


Our STEM this week was a combination of science and art, children used textas on absorbent paper and then we used droppers to watch the water spread and create lovely water colour effects on the paper.  Through this experience children are exploring cause and effect and learning how different materials work and respond to different mediums.


We also made our own musical instruments with elastic band – guitars and straw flutes.   Teachers are always responsive to children’s experiments and investigations into the world of science and technology and encourage children to expand on their creative thoughts and extend on their understanding through hands on learning experiences.


Download the full Weekly Wrap in PDF


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