Exceeding National Quality Standards (Educational Program and Practice)

Carpark Safety

Please drive slowly and cautiously at all times in the carpark area, and please hold your child’s hand when walking across the carpark.


To encourage our children to think of others, we support charities and projects like Compassion and Operation Christmas Child.

Clothing, Hat and Shoes

Please dress your child in clothes that cover their shoulders.  We have lots of messy play at Preschool so play clothes that are able to get dirty are ideal.  Please pack a change of clothes, including underwear.  Ensure that you label all your child’s belongings, including clothes.


Hats – you don’t need to bring a hat!  We will be providing a sun safe hat as recommended by the Cancer Council.  We understand that your child may have a favourite hat they like to wear, however, practice informs that they soon adapt to wearing the hat provided.  We will be charging a small fee to your account to cover the cost of the hat.  Each child will have a hat pocket to store their labelled hat and they will be laundered on a regular basis.  Please ensure that your child’s hat stays at Preschool.


Shoe-safety is important for all of us at Kings Road Preschool.  Our program is set up with lots of gross motor activities, to enable your child to negotiate and move about the outdoor environment in safety please ensure your child has sturdy shoes – good sandals and trainers or sandshoes are best.  Please do not send your child in slip-on shoes, croc clogs, thongs or loose sandals, these have been proven to cause slips, trips and falls as they can become caught or slip on climbing equipment.

First Aid

All our permanent staff have First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training. Staff undertake an annual CPR refresher course.

Immunisation Records

New requirements for keeping records on the immunisation of children have come into effect. The requirements stem from changes to the NSW Public Health Act 2010 and its Regulation.


We are required to keep for each newly enrolled child a copy of their up-to-date immunisation history statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. We are also required to keep a record of additional vaccinations as they fall due.


We provide a beautiful variety of fresh sandwiches for children to enjoy at lunch.  Twice a week, we serve a hot lunch and this is rotated from Tuesdays – Thursdays.  We have our lunch together at individual tables with educators joining the children, we use these times for social engagement, encourage nutritional practices, manners, responsibility and self-help skills.  This dining experience will reflect a relaxed small gathering as you might find friends sharing a meal at a café.


Bring a piece of fruit Please pack a piece of fresh fruit and place in our fruit basket.  Children like a variety of fruit for their morning tea platters.  Children will be having their morning and afternoon tea in small groups with an educator.  Children will have opportunities for serving themselves.


If your child is unwell

Please do not send a sick child to Preschool. If a child is recovering from fever, they must not return to Preschool until their fever has resolved completely – at least 24 hours of no fever, not requiring paracetamol. (ref: NSW Health)

If a child is fit to attend Preschool and requires medication, the specified dose of any prescribed medication will be given. All medication must be in the original container and given to a staff member, and the Preschool Medication Record must be completed in full.


Anaphylaxis – allergic reaction

We have had children with allergic reactions to egg and nuts. To prevent these allergic reactions:

  • Please bring only fruit for morning and afternoon tea, not biscuits or other snacks.
  • Birthdays and Christmas Parties – if you provide cupcakes or a birthday cake or any other food for these occasions we will assume that the food does include egg and nuts and we will not serve to allergic children.


Medical Management Plan

If your child has any medical requirements, families are responsible for informing the service about any updates to their child’s Medical Management Plan.


Insect Repellent

Please advise staff if you do not want Aeroguard Odourless Low Irritant Insect Repellent used, should mosquitoes be active in the outdoor area.

Naming Clothes

It’s helpful that anything brought to Preschool, especially clothing, is named. A laundry marker pen is located on the wall inside the entry gate, above the Lost Property box. Please check the Lost Property box for any ‘lost’ articles!

No Toys, Food, Medication in Bags

We ask that toys are not brought to Preschool as the centre is well resourced, and often lead to conflict and competition among the children, and difficulties when lost or broken.


Please do not allow children to have food of any kind, or any type of medication, in their bags as other children may access these.

Parent Visits

All parents (including grandparents!) are welcome to spend time in the Preschool and to be part of the program’s activities.  Families are encouraged to share their interests and skills with the children, such as cooking with the children, playing a musical instrument, bathing a baby, sharing cultural experiences, and so on.  Please arrange with us for a time to visit!

Preschool Hours

The general Preschool hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please collect your child and leave the centre by 4.50pm, so staff are able to leave on time.

Public Holidays

We do not charge fees for Public Holidays.

Quality Improvement Plan

The Preschool operates under the Regulations and Standards of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. Under this Framework we prepare a Quality Improvement Plan which is updated annually or as required.


A copy of our Quality Improvement Plan is located in the entry area. Anytime families have suggestions for how we can improve the quality of our Preschool, please let us know.

Sign In / Out

It is important to sign your child in and out on their days of attendance. As the Attendance Record is an official document, we ask that adults only sign the Attendance Record.


Also indicated on the roll for when you collect your child is the number of sandwich portions they ate for lunch, and whether they had a sleep or rest.

Sleep and Relaxation – pack cot sheets for your child if they need a sleep

Quiet time is embedded within the routine so children can have some quieter time to rest and sleep if needed.  If your child requires a rest or sleep please pack top and bottom cot-sized sheets for them, including a blanket for colder days.  Include any sleep comfort items as well.


Children who do not require a sleep will have access to quiet activities and stories to allow their little bodies some rest and relaxation.  There will be opportunities for some visualisation relaxation and movement as well.

Sunscreen – please apply sunscreen in the morning when dressing your child

Our sunscreen station is available for you to put sunscreen on your child on arrival if you don’t do this at home.  We anticipate that all children have sunscreen on at the start of the preschool day.  We support children to reapply later on in the day as per Cancer Council guidelines.


If your child requires their own special type of sunscreen please provide some to stay at Preschool.  Please label with your child’s name and place in the basket at our sunscreen station.

Special News

If your child has ‘special news’ to show or tell, please advise us so an opportunity can be provided during the day. This may be an award, a photograph, an artefact or something of interest to children – shells, etc.


Items brought for news are not played with during the day as they get lost or broken, and items of value or with small detachable parts should remain at home.


Children ready to attend Kings Road Preschool should be able to complete their toileting independently, and have the confidence to ask for assistance if necessary. Please teach your child to flush the toilet and wash their hands with soap on every toileting occasion at home so this habit can be reinforced at Preschool. Proper hygiene is very important for a healthy Preschool!

Water bottles – please pack a water bottle for your child

We are asking parents to pack a water bottle for your child, filled with water only.  We have our bubbler at Preschool, which is accessible throughout the day.  However, as part of our transition to school program and our regulations, children being able to access water independently and when they require is essential.  Some children have difficulty coordinating the bubbler.  A water bottle will reflect transition to school practices as well.


A hydration station is provided for the water bottles.  Please clearly label your child’s water bottle. Encourage your child to place their bottle at the station on arrival each day and collect at the end of the day.  Please wash, rinse and refill your child’s bottle each day they attend Preschool.  We will refill through the day if needed.