Our Philosophy

At Kings Road Long Day Preschool, we believe that early childhood is a unique and integral stage of life – one that is to be recognised as a time where children are able to be free to explore, invent, investigate, invest, and develop positive relationships with others, through positive and supportive people, environments, and experiences.  Experiences that young children engage in in the early years shape their future wellbeing and outcomes. 


These three Rs are embedded into all aspects of our curriculum.  Respect for ourselves, others and the environment; Responsibility to ourselves, others and the environment; and Resilience to persist with challenges and become strong in our wellbeing. 


We are a unique, welcoming, family-friendly and well-resourced Preschool with an extensive educational curriculum for children 3 – 5 years.  We have an emphasis on learning through play which is supported with intentional teaching and reflective practices.  We plan experiences that will   expand children’s creativity through art and craft, literacy, science, technology, engineering, drama and music and maths while connecting with the natural and built environment.


We believe that learning is for life. Positive, nurturing and high quality education in the early years forms the foundation for lifelong learning.


We are an inclusive and diverse early childhood setting where educators engage in ongoing professional development to ensure that our curriculum is reflective of contemporary influences, and of the community in which we are situated.


We believe that ongoing nurturing relationships are an essential element of our holistic and supportive learning environment.


We believe that each child is a confident and capable learner and we build on their intrinsic desire to learn through individualised learning programs, group learning opportunities, while learning to be a responsible and respectful community member, through learning about fairness and social justice.


Kings Road Preschool is committed to embedding sustainable practices within the curriculum.


Kings Road Preschool is part of Life Church Castle Hill Pre-Schools Pty Limited.


We aim to provide a warm, safe, and supportive learning environment for children and families. We support relationships based on respect, kindness, fairness and consideration of others.


A key value of the Preschool is encouraging the children to be respectful and thoughtful of others.  We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.  We encourage children to be kind, thoughtful, inclusive, helpful, show respect to others, to participate, to try their best, to be honest and to keep their word.  We support children to be open and empathetic and provide assistance to others.  We encourage children to be resilient and develop the skills to meet challenges.


Our open-plan Preschool allows for a wide choice in friendships and experiences within our learning centres.  We encourage children in their developing independence, and interdependence with others.  We believe children have the right to be valued and respected, and in turn have the responsibility of respecting and valuing others.


Children are supported to learn to regulate their behaviour, through sound pedagogical practices of brain development, and behaviour regulation.  Our guidelines within the Preschool are based on being thoughtful and fair to others, and taking care of nature and the environment.  The Preschool has sustainable environmental practices embedded throughout the program.


The Preschool values the role of families in sharing information about their child, and enriching the Preschool’s program, through their contributions to the program and to policy decisions. We believe it is important to nurture the unique and individual abilities and interests of each child, and acknowledge the values and beliefs held by families, educators and the community.  We welcome children of all abilities and cultures.  We promote the unique Australian values we share and encourage understanding of our cultures with others.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued, and reflected within our program.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which the Preschool is situated.


As a smaller Preschool we are able to develop strong relationships with all our families and support in parenting role.  In partnership with families, we believe in encouraging attitudes and a broad range of skills that support children with school, and for life.


Our hope is that each child experiences a sense of joy, belonging, are strong in their being through their connection with our Preschool community and confident in becoming lifelong learners and positive community and global citizens.


Our educational program aims to support each child in developing their thinking skills, their creativity, a love of learning; to develop their potential, and build friendships through a unique program of structured and unstructured learning experiences at Preschool.


We recognise early childhood as an important stage of life, where children learn best through hands-on meaningful experiences with opportunities to build competencies and agency to resource their own learning, build their resilience and become considerate community members.


Our curriculum is informed by contemporary influences and theories including: Reggio Emilia approach, Ecological Systems Theory, Socio-cultural theories; and ongoing research into brain development in young children.


We aim to extend the children’s learning through their own interests or by introducing them to topics or concepts that may create interest, or extend thinking and creativity.  Our program provides opportunities for child-directed and teacher-supported play which encourages creativity, initiative, collaboration and problem-solving.


The Kangaroo group children (in the year prior to school) participate in structured experiences focusing on specific literacy and numeracy skills, planning and organising, problem-solving, exploring narratives, music; drama and movement, as a part of our transition to school program.


Younger children, the Wallaby group, engage in group times exploring social skills, arts, concepts, literacy, music and movement, and dance.


We embed children’s voices and ideas within our Preschool guidelines as part of responsible membership of our Preschool community.


We promote children’s wellbeing through our relaxation routines which include guided meditation, sensory experiences, connecting with the natural environment, focusing on the rhythms and movement of our bodies and mindfulness.   Wellbeing messages are shared with families.

Program Goals

We aim to enhance the children’s development and learning in areas such as:



Emotional intelligence



Literacy and Numeracy

We encourage skills and learning dispositions that support children in their transition to school, and learning for life.


The Preschool documents children’s learning and shares information with families online through Kinderloop.  Children’s learning is promoted and assessed in an ongoing planning, learning and reflection cycle.  Children’s learning is captured in learning stories, summative assessments and Transition to School Statements.


We recognise the family as their child’s first and most important teacher and work in collaboration with families to develop optimal learning opportunities to support children in their learning journey.  We encourage family engagement, input and feedback into our program.  We support families in their parenting role through in-services and information sharing.


We implement the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework as our guide to best practice and outcomes for the children.  We support the ‘Code of Ethics’ from Early Childhood Australia.  We engage with peak professional bodies to support our quality.  We are committed to continuous improvement, and to mentoring the strengths, talents and interests of staff.


We are a team of highly committed early childhood professionals.   Each member of our team brings their own unique skills and knowledge to collaboratively develop an excellent Preschool environment for young learners.    Our team is led by our Approved Provider Representative – Director and two Early Childhood Teachers, one of whom is an Educational Leader.  Our team of educators are committed to ongoing professional learning and studies and experienced educators provide mentorship to support our aspiring educators.


Preschool attendance can be booked from two up to five days per week. Children can attend Preschool any time between 8am and 5pm but it is preferable for older children to arrive by 9am.


We provide a beautiful variety of fresh sandwiches for children to enjoy at lunch.  Twice a week, we serve hot lunches and this is rotated from Tuesdays – Fridays.  We have our lunch together at individual tables with educators joining the children.  We use these times for social engagement, encourage nutritional practices, manners, responsibility and self-help skills.  This dining experience reflects a relaxed small gathering as you might find friends sharing a meal at a café.


Our 2020 fees is $114 per day for all children. There is no enrolment fee, but a bond equal to two weeks attendance is payable before starting. As an Approved service, eligible families can access Child Care Subsidy to reduce the amount of fees payable. Information about Child Care Subsidy can be obtained from the Dept of Human Services by calling 13 61 50, or online.


The Preschool closes for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year period and for Public Holidays. Full fees are payable from when the Preschool re-opens in January, and are payable throughout the year including any absences. Fees are not charged for public holidays.